Probably The Best Book Wrap In The World!

I spent a thoroughly lovely weekend with friends from Birmingham Embroiderers’ Guild at Westhope Craft College, on a ‘Mad About Metals’ weekend, stitching with lots of recycled metals.

One of the two items I finished over the weekend is this book wrap:

Book Wrap

It is made from an embossed sheet of metal from a Carlsberg can, and you can just about see the “Probably the best” slogan on the front. I love the machine wrapped cord, a technique I also learned this weekend – the green boucle works well with the embossed leaves on the metal.

I can foresee several more bookwraps in my future!

Experimenting with the Drum Carder

I spent a thoroughly lovely morning setting up my drum carder and making some beautiful batts. I had put the carder away before moving house a couple of years ago, and it had a part completed red batt on it, which turned out like this.


I had hand dyed some Bluefaced Leicester in beautiful shades of pink and green, so I used those colours as the basis for the next batt:


I love the way it came out:


After that I carded together some beautiful shell pink, orange and brown roving which was a gift from my family. There’s some lovely gentle colours in this one:



The final batt I made was in these deep blues, with some green merino and blue-green silk accents:


Here’s the finished batts. I’m looking forward to felting with them soon:


Pink and Purple Waves

I’ve been experimenting recently with my embellisher machine, making gorgeous textured backgrounds for stitch. I love the richness of velvet when combined with fluffy roving, and so I gathered my supplies and started embellishing:


Part way through the embellishing, the back looks interesting too; something to explore in the future:


When the embellishing was done, I set myself up with some music for the afternoon, picked out some lovely thread colours, and started machine sewing:


Using a range of automatic patterns and zigzag stitches, I was pleased with how the machine embroidery came out:


Next I need to do some hand stitching, and work it into a vase – I’ll share it with you when it is finished.