Day 31, continued

Apparently I managed a creative afternoon as well as the morning, hence the double posts!

I finished the embroidery on my pears:


We also had an enjoyable couple of hours at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, looking around the Pre-Raphaelite and Staffordshire Horde galleries.

I found a couple of pieces that inspired me, so sketched a couple of quick drawings to remind me, with the potential for them to become stamps or stencils later.



There were many lovely patterns in the Staffordshire Horde gallery, including a couple of large samples of metalwork for people to touch, so I took rubbings of them.


Day 31

Today I got up and did a bit of Gelliping while Simon was making breakfast for his mum and dad who are staying with us. I decided to change away from my usual cool colours, so experimented with printing in yellow, orange and red:

Some printed tags and deli paper:


The printed spread in my sketchbook:


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Day 29

Today I needed to make a start on my page for my Embroiderers’ Guild Travelling Book. I’d decided I want to do a piece inspired by the pears in my long sketchbook, so I bought some pears on huge way home, and set about printing.


I printed a bunch of pears, using a range of stamps and texture tools. I was happiest with the Gelli plate prints on deli paper, whereas last time the prints directly from the pear worked better.


I printed 15 deli paper pears in the end:


As well as some nice page beginnings in my lovely long sketchbook, which is good, because I have coloured every square inch of the previous pages!




I also bonded three of the deli paper pears to calico, and I’m going to stitch into these for my travelling book page.


Day 28

Today I did some more hand stitching on the pink squares, adding French knots to the bottom of the fly stitch square, to ground it a bit.


I also added three more flower heads to the seed stitch square, which I think just needs stems and some French knots.


Day 27

Today, I cut 4 more stamps for use on my Gelli plate, while watching The IT Crowd.


The top left one is based on a pattern I like drawing, which I call onions. The brick pattern was simple to create, and I think it will be useful. Simon suggested the octagons, from which I had squares left over, so made the bottom right one.

Looking forward to trying them out on the Gelli plate.

Day 26

One of the things I enjoyed at the Retreat was lots of use of geometric shapes, especially when combined with natural forms and objects. I think part of this comes from patterns used by Desigual, a Spanish clothing company, for example this scarf which I bought on honeymoon.


I spent today (having popped out for more supplies) making these stamps for use on my Gelli plate, all A6 sized:

I’ve started a ‘directory’ of my handmade stamps, sorted by category, so I can flip through and find whatever I’m looking for in the future. In each, the page on the left is the resulting Gelli plate print, and on the right is the off print from my stamp, which is still quite faint as the funky foam is new. Lots of pics!


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Day 25

Today was the third day of the stitch retreat, a great day. Some quick lessons learned, with more notes to follow: I much prefer landscape to portrait, and large to small. I enjoy collaging onto canvas, apparently, but need to work on it a bit more to improve. If you call them colouring in, sketchbooks can be fun! And some pictures, which might get accompanied by words later.

image image image image image image image image image image image image

Day 24

It’s the second day of the Stitch Retreat, and I’ve learned some important things about myself.

Currently, when gelli printing, I’m far happier printing in one colour, adding other colours in on later layers with dye and neocolour 1s.

I like the smallest gelli plate size to build up larger pages, patchwork style.

Pink and orange go surprisingly well together. I am more of a fan of the secondary colours together than primaries.

And it’s surprising how long you can spend just printing with one colour, half a (real) pear, and a pile of stencils.

Now, some photos, without commentary as I’m shattered and we worked/played for almost 12 hours today!






Day 23

Today is the first of three days at a Stitch Retreat with the marvellous Hilary Beattie, so there has been plenty of opportunities for creativity, as well as opportunities for profiteroles!

We spent the evening making textured papers and canvases, which we’ll work into tomorrow.




My little men have made an appearance here.


I also textured up some tags.

Looking forward to tomorrow, but now, sleep, so I’m rested and raring to go tomorrow.