Day 2

I received Sandra Meech’s Connecting Art. To Stitch as a Christmas gift, and it’s got a good, no nonsense section about the importance of drawing before stitch, so I’m going through her drawing exercises. The preliminary one of these is to assemble a range of HB, B pencils and charcoal, and try out lines with them, then smudge them and see what happens.

I dug up all the B pencils I could lay my hands on:


And then drew up a grid, experimenting with straight lines, cross hatching, the side of the lead, a basket weave style fill, and squiggling. I then smudged the bottom corner of each square, to see what happened.


I was surprised by how much the HB pencil did smudge. The 6B made a nice dark line, but it was hard to do much clear stuff with it as lines blended into each other. The charcoal was quite bitty and friable, even in pencil form. Also with the charcoal, unlike the pencils, when smudged, there was no real trace of the marks that had come before.

Next step for this is to continue with drawing and sketching exercises.


I also popped to Hobbycraft and picked up a few bits for an upcoming stitch retreat, and got this circular punch for collages, and what I thought was a white paint pen. It turns out to be silver, but I’m sure I’ll fit it in.

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