Day 4

Today began in possibly my favourite way for a weekend; I left my husband asleep and ventured into my craft room, intending to sit and design my piece for my EG branch’s Tolkien walhanging. I put on the newish album by probably my favourite musician, Frank Turner, and the third track had a line which really resonated with me:

“So don’t go stopping and putting down roots, or your shoes won’t fit in your travelling boots” – Sweet Albion Blues by Frank Turner.

I had a vision in my head and knew I had to create it, so I grabbed one of my husband’s walking boots, sketched it, and began to collage it with sheet music, maps, and scraps of an old French novel.


I added a tree growing out of it, and some leaves cut from a beautiful old Worcestershire map, then colour washed it with kohinoor watercolours.


I then drew the key lines in and added the quote down the side. I’m very pleased with it, and hope it will make it into stitch at some point, but for now at least it is safe in my sketchbook.


2 thoughts on “Day 4

    • Thanks Myfanwy – it was nice to be able to do something straight away, rather than leaving the idea languishing in my email file of notes where I usually put them. Maybe I’ll get those ideas out and collage them too…

      On 4 January 2015 at 13:38, Heather Ramsden wrote:


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