Day 11

Having spent the morning finishing off yesterday’s wardrobes, today’s creativity was another graffiti doodle or three.

I started off practicing more feathers, which were neater than last time:


I then moved on to experimenting with layered circles, but seeing what happened if I changed the point where they join.


And then I did a whole page graffiti doodle, putting various elements together. I especially like the arrows.


We also spent large parts of today and yesterday sorting and rearranging the CD collection. We keep all of our (almost 1000) CDs in thematic order, so like artists are together, trying to arrange it so all of the horizontal and vertical intersections make sense, as well as within rows/columns.

This means lots of listening to tracks, and working out similarities, then creating towering piles on the dining table:

From this…


Via this…




To hopefully over the next week all the CDs being back on their shelves in the new order. It feels like a creative process!

3 thoughts on “Day 11

    • It was indeed! They are almost all off the racks and in piles, then each pile needs sorting into order and working out how that fits back into the tracks. We could put it into alphabetical order, but it’s so much nicer this way, with similar artists together.

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