Day 29

Today I needed to make a start on my page for my Embroiderers’ Guild Travelling Book. I’d decided I want to do a piece inspired by the pears in my long sketchbook, so I bought some pears on huge way home, and set about printing.


I printed a bunch of pears, using a range of stamps and texture tools. I was happiest with the Gelli plate prints on deli paper, whereas last time the prints directly from the pear worked better.


I printed 15 deli paper pears in the end:


As well as some nice page beginnings in my lovely long sketchbook, which is good, because I have coloured every square inch of the previous pages!




I also bonded three of the deli paper pears to calico, and I’m going to stitch into these for my travelling book page.


One thought on “Day 29

  1. Wonder wowser wowser – some amazing stuff and I am truly impressed with your get on with it attitude … just perfect. Love those blue pears and the stitching in them and your sketchbooks and everything – you are away on a very very exciting journey …. am looking forward to watching and sharing it xxxx

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