Day 31

Today I got up and did a bit of Gelliping while Simon was making breakfast for his mum and dad who are staying with us. I decided to change away from my usual cool colours, so experimented with printing in yellow, orange and red:

Some printed tags and deli paper:


The printed spread in my sketchbook:


I added colour to some more of my A6 sketchbook pages, to lift some of the ones that were quite plain.



This pattern is added with the net from a pack of clementines, which works really well:


The circles on this one are from pushing the (quite clean) roller onto the top of the paint bottle, to pick up a ring of paint, which I’ll always think of as ‘doing a Nicola’ after the stitch retreat:


I’m going to do prints of jugs for my next travelling book, so I cut two stamps based on an 18th century silver jug which used to belong to my grandmother.


And the jug:


I also remembered the importance of a nice sharp blade for cutting stamps, I don’t know if it comes out in the photo, but the top line is ragged and cut with a blunt blade, whereas the left hand side is crisp and was cut with a new blade:


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