Day 59

Today I woke up quite early, unpacked my bags from yesterday’s fun day of creativity, then sorted my printed papers into lots of lovely piles, sorted by theme.




I then set about cutting stamps with my sizzix dies, which I’m looking forward to using in an incorporated way:









I’ve still got the tattered leaves die to cut stamps from, which my mum and dad got me for Christmas.

I also made these tiny stamps with leftover bits:


Later on in the afternoon, my husband and I went through the overflowing UFO box, sorting it into piles by the amount of time/effort which needs doing to finish the items.

It went from an overflowing box, via lots of lovely piles:






To this lovely tidy box:


Looking forward to finishing these!

Day 58

Today was more like 48 lots of 15 minutes! I spent a day with my friend. Margaret, sharing lots of techniques and having a great time.

We started off with false batik, using soy wax and procion dye on soda soaked fabrics:


This is a long post, so more pics after the cut. Continue reading

Day 56

Today I stuck down the hexagons collage from last night, so that just needs a frame. I also stencilled a couple of figures on my long piece:


I then cut some cork stamps:


They stamp up like this:


Looking forward to using them as a nice bit of extra texture on the Gelli plate.

As I had some spare green paint from the figures and purple paint from the stamps, I built up this sketchbook spread:



It’s a lovely example of what can be done with leftover paint, which I might explain further on another day, but not now as it is late and I am tired!

Day 55

Today I followed some instructions in the Cut, Shape, Stitch book, about making embossed Kunin felt hexagons.

This is the fabric I made:



These are the resulting hexagons, which I am completely in love with. They are so shiny and exciting!




I cut a few circles too:


While I had the die cutter out, I cut a few hexagons from gelliped and other printed papers:


Which I arranged into this collage on black card:


It still needs sticking down, I’m saving that treat for tomorrow.

Day 54

Today I decided to continue the machine embroidered writing practice, so I hooped up another bit of the same fabric off to the side, and wrote this little message to myself:


I then took a deep breath, got brave, and stitched a phrase onto my current project:


I added some wiggly lines with the normal foot on, just because it’ seamier that way, and here is how the whole thing looks at the moment:


Next, I’m trying to decide whether to stencil on a couple of my figures, print out some image manipulated figures with the printer, then apply them, or leave it as it is and go straight to hand stitching. Might leave it to percolate for a few more days…

Day 53

Today I finally practiced something I had wanted to do for ages. I did some writing with my sewing machine. I had a first go without a hoop, and it was far too difficult to do all the changes of direction that writing needs. So I hooped up my fabric and got going.

Here is my first attempt (“follow your own path”)


Then I did a few more words, followed by the beginning of Eldorado, by Edgar Allan Poe:


I’m pleased. I found it easier once I had a baseline to work to, and I need to remember to run along this baseline between words, to leave a space. When writing ‘t’s, I need to remember to do the cross part way down, and my ‘i’s are undotted. More practice needed, but I’m on the way.

Day 50

Today was a lovely day spent with family; playing board games with my nieces was especially fun. Not much time for creating, but I did do two (and a bit) half Kumihimo braids. I discovered that if you take two colours, four strands each, and arrange the threads for an 8 strand braid in the starting positions as A A, A B, B B, A B you get this nice capsule effect:

Starting positions:


The capsule effect pattern:


Today and yesterday’s braids:


Also, this is a milestone for me – 50 days of daily creativity. That’s 12 and a half hours at a minimum, and actually more, as several sessions have been a lot longer, including the second day of the Hilary Beattie stitch retreat, which was ten hours alone!

I think so far this exercise has been fabulous for me, I’ve been so productive, and felt so happy most of the time. Looking forward to day 100!