Day 41, Bonus

For about the past 6 weeks I’ve been experimenting with image manipulation using the Aviary app. While I enjoyed manipulating photos and making them look otherworldly, I’ve had the most satisfaction from manipulating photos of my own work. I thought I’d post some pictures of the effects, with the before and after images. Before, piece of drop cloth:

IMG_1898 After:



IMG_1903 Before, another piece of drop cloth, with my name stamped on, as a book cover:

IMG_1895 After:


IMG_1901 Looooooads more images after the cut… Before, a stamped and stencilled page from my sketchbook:

IMG_1875 After:

IMG_1880 Before, some tapestry work by my friend, Tina Francis

IMG_1878 After:

IMG_1879 Before, some zentangling/graffiti doodling:

IMG_1845 After:

IMG_1644 Before, another sketchbook page:

IMG_1800 After:

IMG_1809 Before, printed and embroidered pears:

IMG_1801 After:

IMG_1808 Before, a gorgeous painty stencil: IMG_1817 After:

IMG_1829 Before, a stencilled figure on some of Hilary Beattie’s lovely handmade paper:

IMG_1909 After:



IMG_1834 Before, another sketchbook page:

IMG_1799 After:


IMG_1811 Before, a pencil sketch of a bench:

IMG_1663 After:

IMG_1676 Before, a test print of a new stamp:

IMG_1908 After:



Before, hand embroidery of webs and wheels:

IMG_1645 After:

IMG_1667 Before, more hand embroidery, this time kantha like running stitch:

IMG_1673 After:

IMG_1675 Before, a neocolour 1 oil pastel sketch of a succulent plant:

IMG_1665 After:


IMG_1668 Rather a long list, but nice to see how many different things work being tweaked.

2 thoughts on “Day 41, Bonus

    • Thanks Sally! Your links are very useful to me as they more cover changing perspectives and lines, which Aviary doesn’t do. Do check it out – I love Dean, Avenue and New York filters, as well as Caroline.

      Do you fancy a swap – send me an image and I’ll mess with it, and I’ll send you something?

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