Day 46

Today I spent some time adding neocolour crayons to last night’s sketchbook page and canvas:



And the canvas:



I love how, even though this is a pears canvas, one of my figures managed to sneak in behind this pear:


We also got three pieces from the UFO box onto canvases and ready to hang. They are the first pieces that I did with my figures on, and are a triptych from the Be Creative prompt last year of Singularity.




My husband and I spent a good few hours reorganising my space, to make it fit my current ways of working. Pics of that below the cut:

These shelves are immediately to my left when I’m working, from about 4 and a half foot off the ground up:


It includes all my favourite paints, the CD player, and texture tools on the bottom shelf, punches, brushes, other paints on the the middle shelf, and books and papers for collage on the top shelf. There’s also one shelf above this, with wadding on.

These shelves are to my right,and on wheels so I can roll them in and out under my desk. On the top there’s my neocolour 1s, and the tray with my gelli plates on. The shelf below that has matte medium, gesso, and thermofax screen printing paint. The bottom shelf has some of my favourite textiles books, and sketchbooks I’m working in a lot at the moment:


This is the drawer that pulls out from under my desk. It contains lots of lovely textured papers for Gelliping, including Khadi, lokta, etc.


These three drawers are what I call ‘grist for the collage mill’. The top one contains printed papers that are almost ready to go. The middle drawer is ones that need more work or overprinting, and the bottom is less frequently used specific papers, like parchment paper and pastel paper, plus other watercolour pads.

On top of it is my boxes of machine embroidery threads, spare machine feet and pins.


These are the main shelves on the other side of the room, so stuff I need less frequently, or can get out for tasks. The image looks less tidy than it actually is!


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