Day 50

Today was a lovely day spent with family; playing board games with my nieces was especially fun. Not much time for creating, but I did do two (and a bit) half Kumihimo braids. I discovered that if you take two colours, four strands each, and arrange the threads for an 8 strand braid in the starting positions as A A, A B, B B, A B you get this nice capsule effect:

Starting positions:


The capsule effect pattern:


Today and yesterday’s braids:


Also, this is a milestone for me – 50 days of daily creativity. That’s 12 and a half hours at a minimum, and actually more, as several sessions have been a lot longer, including the second day of the Hilary Beattie stitch retreat, which was ten hours alone!

I think so far this exercise has been fabulous for me, I’ve been so productive, and felt so happy most of the time. Looking forward to day 100!

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