Day 52

Today was a great day – I got the stamps, rollers and fabric paints out, and my nieces and I enjoyed lots of stamping.

First we worked our designs out on copier paper:







No peeking below the cut if you are their mum or dad!

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Day 51

Slightly belatedly posted, the day was spent with my nieces travelling from the Isle of Wight to Birmingham so they could visit, via 7 modes of transport. So I spent time doing some more Kumihimo braiding.


Day 50

Today was a lovely day spent with family; playing board games with my nieces was especially fun. Not much time for creating, but I did do two (and a bit) half Kumihimo braids. I discovered that if you take two colours, four strands each, and arrange the threads for an 8 strand braid in the starting positions as A A, A B, B B, A B you get this nice capsule effect:

Starting positions:


The capsule effect pattern:


Today and yesterday’s braids:


Also, this is a milestone for me – 50 days of daily creativity. That’s 12 and a half hours at a minimum, and actually more, as several sessions have been a lot longer, including the second day of the Hilary Beattie stitch retreat, which was ten hours alone!

I think so far this exercise has been fabulous for me, I’ve been so productive, and felt so happy most of the time. Looking forward to day 100!

Day 49

Today my Kumihimo disc arrived. I’d done a bit of Kumihimo braiding previously, but never seriously.

A friend is getting married in July, and I’m helping her make friendship bracelets as wedding favours. With a long train/bus/catamaran journey from Birmingham to the Isle of Wight to fill my afternoon, it seemed a good time to start.

I made one and a half bracelets, and then had a rest. The half is because we need to add silver charms to the middle, so I’m working them half way till the charms arrive.


Day 47

Having experimented at ‘painting’ sketchbook pages with Procion MX on the Stitch Retreat, I wanted to try this for myself. I found my pots of primary colours of Procion Mx powder, and set to mixing.

The first colour I made was orange, as I wanted to add some to my printed green jugs. Rather fitting as we ran Hilary out of a whole pot of dye on the retreat!



I mixed up some green, and a fabulous violet, here on a sketchbook page with some white neocolour 1 as a resist:


The green looks great on these tags:


I then made some fuchsia and turquoise straight from the pot, without mixing:


I have a lovely set of tiny measuring spoons, labelled Dash, Pinch and Smidgen, which I’ve been saving till I got brave enough to mix dye, for about 6 years. They got used, and now my jam jars have stuff like ‘a dash of turquoise, a dash and a smidgen of fuchsia’ written on.


Day 46

Today I spent some time adding neocolour crayons to last night’s sketchbook page and canvas:



And the canvas:



I love how, even though this is a pears canvas, one of my figures managed to sneak in behind this pear:


We also got three pieces from the UFO box onto canvases and ready to hang. They are the first pieces that I did with my figures on, and are a triptych from the Be Creative prompt last year of Singularity.




My husband and I spent a good few hours reorganising my space, to make it fit my current ways of working. Pics of that below the cut:

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