Day 45

Today was a busy day, getting the house ready for our nieces to visit next weekend, which turned into a couple of big sort outs. I also cooked a lovely roast dinner, trying out a new recipe for leeks baked with blue cheese and walnuts.

It was only as I was about to go to bed that I realised that I hadn’t done my 15 minutes. I’d wandered past this canvas on my work table a couple of times and added things, but nothing concrete.

So I spent 15 minutes before bed sticking down all the paper elements:


I had some glue left over, so I also stuck these pears on a sketchbook page:


And here’s a pic of dinner!
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Day 44

Today I added some neocolour shading to the canvas I worked on yesterday. No photo because It doesn’t show up well in the photo, but I’m pleased with it. I also added some to a sketchbook page, which came out well.

I got out another canvas which I’d worked on during the Hilary Beattie retreat; this had a base layer of moulding paste through stencils, and then paint.

I am trying out collage compositions; I think I like this one.


Day 43

I spent a lovely hour-ish this evening adding neocolour crayon and collage to a canvas I started on the Hilary Beattie retreat.


Next I want to add more neocolours, and then some stitch/marks.

I had some spare gold paint, and gel medium, so I worked in my sketchbook a bit:



I’m very pleased with this one:


Day 42

Today was a busy day, work then a lovely evening playing board games with friends.

I had previously used the colouring book mode on my printer to produce this from a sketchbook page:


I coloured them in with my neocolour 1s, which was interesting as the smooth copier paper took the crayon differently to the rough khadi paper – it was much paler:


I then ran these through Aviary:


More below the cut…
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Day 41, Bonus

For about the past 6 weeks I’ve been experimenting with image manipulation using the Aviary app. While I enjoyed manipulating photos and making them look otherworldly, I’ve had the most satisfaction from manipulating photos of my own work. I thought I’d post some pictures of the effects, with the before and after images. Before, piece of drop cloth:

IMG_1898 After:



IMG_1903 Before, another piece of drop cloth, with my name stamped on, as a book cover:

IMG_1895 After:


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Day 40

Today I needed to finish my Travelling Book for the Embroiderers ‘ Guild Meeting this evening, so I printed my name on a piece of my (paper) drop cloth, to use as the cover, and added another piece of drop cloth for the back:


I also did a title page with more drop cloth pieces:


Here is the pear inspiration and embroidery mounted in my book, with bonus work table stuff:

This evening at Guild we had a talk from Edwina Mackinnon, who was talking about her use of colour. She shared lots of beautiful quilts with us. This is one of my favourites, lots of overprinting.