Day 90

Today, I gave blood in the evening, so I did my 15 minutes before work, cutting the wooden spoons out and adhering the negative ones in one sheet to foam board. 

Here’s the cut sheet:

I like getting the negative shapes, like the insides of the spoons and the holes in the handles in the right place, so this is how I do it. Turn the sheet paper side up, and start to peel the backing from the background areas. You’ll find that the sheet tries to lift and curl with you, but you can use the point of a pencil to hold it down:

Now , peel the backing off the details which are remaining on the negative stamp, here, the insides of the spoons and the holes:

Cut the foam board to size, and press it down on top of the sticky backing:

Now, turn it over, and lift the positive stamps out. You may need to lift the backing away so that comes out too:

And there you go,one finished stamp.

Now, all you need to do is adhere the positive stamps to their own foam board, either singly or in a group.

I also got out the second dyed zigzag book from the bag where it had been batching:


Day 89

Today I decided what I want to do as the theme for my piece in Bernadette’s Travelling Book.

I’m going to focus on more lovely kitchen items, carrying on from the jugs in Clare’s book, so I gathered up six of my favourite wooden spoons:

Disclaimer: not all wooden spoons are spoons!

I did a first drawing, folding the page for symmetry where they are symmetrical, then inking the best lines:

I retraced these using the light box for a good pencil line…

…and then traced and overdrew them on the paper side of some self adhesive funky foam:

They are now ready to cut and adhere to foam board, prime with gesso, then they’re ready for a good Gelliping session.

It was very relaxing, listening to Sigur Rós and retracing these lovely smooth lines.

Day 88

A very long day working at Miniatura, the dolls house exhibition, for a friend. I was a bit tired, so I just made this collage with some of the leftover masking tape from Saturday’s workshop:

It’s on a backing of off white card, with a bit of neocolour 1 and treasure gold wax.

I’ve still got some pieces of tape to use up, need to work out how to store them:

Day 87

Today was a marvellous day with friends from Birmingham Embroiderers’ Guild, on an Art Van Go dayschool, playing with all sorts of marvellous paints and other mediums.

Exploring different pressures with rollers on black card.

Using masking tape to mask off areas to add to the design. The lovely fronds marks at the lower right were made by pressing paint together on two print plates, then pressing one lightly on the fabric.

Amazingly textured thick paint

Translucent paint, rollers and stamps.

Iridescent markals through a stencil on earlier layers of paint.

More lovely markal paint sticks over maskng tape – this is starting to take shape!

Stencilling my figures with markal on earlier layers of paint.

Gold and silver markal through a stencil, on earlier layers of paint, with a few extra lines.

Markal paintstiks over texture plates, cotton reels and a woodblock, on brown linen.

Lots of lovely lumiere metallic paint, mostly rollered very gently over texture plates, with masking tape masks.

Some of the pieces I made. I don’t have a bigger photo of the colourful sheet on the left. It is lokta paper, with swipes of translucent golden fluid acrylics – beautiful paints, and worth saving up the pennies for!

My shopping – two gorgeous colours of lumiere, two of the print plates, a pallete knife for nice swipe printing, and a tub of sand medium for more texture

All in all, an amazing day. I learned so much and really enjoyed building up the layers. If you get a chance to learn stuf from Viv at Art van Go, do take it up!

Dyed Zig Zag Book – In Progress

This is how the khadi paper zig zag book looked after a night in a bag of purple dye on the radiator:

Some interesting shapes. But I felt it still needed more, so I folded it the other way and put it back in the bag with some turquoise dye:

I’ll unwrap it again later and let you know how it is doing.

Day 86

Today, I continued the free machine embroidery of yesterday to make another figure:

I switched the metallic to gold, and lowered the top tension to make it show up better, which worked well. (Note for future, Madeira Metallics, top tension 3)

Inspired by Sally, I also put a khadi paper zig zag book in a bag with some dye (violet was the one my hand landed on first, my favourite!), and I’m hoping it’ll all soak up, ombré style :

Day 85

Today I I returned to free machine embroidery techniques I  learned on a course with Claire Muir a year ago, and then put into practice making 16 free machined corsages for my wedding!

I got out my new square Barnyarns hoop, hooped up some soluble stabiliser (also from Barnyarns, now I come to think of it!) and started free machining figures. 

The outlines drawn on the soluble fabric. This one is papery, which I like for the ability to easily draw on it.

The first figure with the base layer of embroidery, done with black Guitermann in the bobbin and a dark red Guitermann on top. There is also some fishing wire stitched into the zig zag outline for stability, though I might try omitting that on a future one.

I’ve added a top layer with copper metallic in the bobbin:

As the weight of thread is different to the Guitermann, it comes out more as black with copper accents, which I like, but a different bobbin thread might be better.

I do have silver, green and purple metallic threads with matching lightweight bobbin thread, however at the moment I’m looking to work in earthy colours. I looked in my thread box and had a terrible selection of brown, so red it is!

I also started the next figure:

Day 84

Two lovely little zentangles today, in my figure outlines.

One on a page where I tried out cork stamps:


And one drawn on a blank page, which will probably get a wash of colour one day:


Thinking of getting a thermofax screen of something like this.