Day 65

I have had two thermofax screens and a set of lovely inks for about 18 months now, and have always been a bit too terrified to use them. With the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show in 2 weeks time, I didn’t want to walk past the thermofax screen stand again and feel guilty for not having tried my screens.

I started by printing onto some brown paper, to test it out:


I love the crispness of the image, so I printed a single feather on calico, seen here with my single fern from my other screen:


I added a couple of feathers to a bird themed spread in my sketchbook:


After that I moved onto an all over print on another piece of calico, starting with blue, then adding some yellow to make green part way through:


A change of screen, and I moved on to an all over print with the fern, repeating the same colour change:


For the prints which went over the edge, I sometimes put a spare piece of watercolour paper instead, one of which had some marks and swirls already on it, which led to these two pieces of paper:



My sketchbook also gained a fern or two, seen here with the lovely off prints on the drop cloth:


I also tried a print on scrim, which has left this lovely faint fern:


My last experiments were to see if I could lift the remaining ink off the screen before washing it. This left a beautiful negative image on some tissue paper:



All in all, a successful and enjoyable session, and I’ve added more thermofax screens to my show shopping list.

2 thoughts on “Day 65

  1. Thanks Sally, and sorry for the delayed reply!
    They certainly added something to the pages, I’m looking to pick up some more at the NEC, probably more background/middle layer images, though.

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