Day 81

Today was the third day of the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show. Simon joined mum and I for a look round the textile art, which was very enjoyable. We enjoyed looking at and chatting about all the art on display, as well as to the artists who shared their work and their knowledge.

One such artist is Lynda Monk, who was demonstrating work using spunbond and xpandaprint. I have had both of these in my stash for a while but not really used them, so when we got home, I got them out and painted a couple of figures, as well as some background stamping:

(The pot is holding it down because the is a crease in the spunbond. The xpandaprint has a shelf life of about 6 months, so I added a BBE date)

You can just about see the xpandaprint in this image.

I then zapped it:

The xpandaprint has raised, really bringing it out. The stamps are very effective, and I love seeing my figures in a different form.

I then coloured the piece with procion Mx dyes:

There was some dye pooling on the surface, so I took a mono print to lift the excess.

While I had the dyes out, I added some dye to various pages in my sketchbook, here are a few pictures:

I love my sun rays stencil, so I got this one, with rays in squares, at the show today:

It has already had an outing, adding dye to these pages:

The last thing I did was to add some treasure gold wax to some sketchbook pages:

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