Day 85

Today I I returned to free machine embroidery techniques I  learned on a course with Claire Muir a year ago, and then put into practice making 16 free machined corsages for my wedding!

I got out my new square Barnyarns hoop, hooped up some soluble stabiliser (also from Barnyarns, now I come to think of it!) and started free machining figures. 

The outlines drawn on the soluble fabric. This one is papery, which I like for the ability to easily draw on it.

The first figure with the base layer of embroidery, done with black Guitermann in the bobbin and a dark red Guitermann on top. There is also some fishing wire stitched into the zig zag outline for stability, though I might try omitting that on a future one.

I’ve added a top layer with copper metallic in the bobbin:

As the weight of thread is different to the Guitermann, it comes out more as black with copper accents, which I like, but a different bobbin thread might be better.

I do have silver, green and purple metallic threads with matching lightweight bobbin thread, however at the moment I’m looking to work in earthy colours. I looked in my thread box and had a terrible selection of brown, so red it is!

I also started the next figure:

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