Day 80

Today was the second day at the Fashion, Embroidery and stitch show at the NEC, a great day. Lots of inspirational things, including a great talk on making Indian Lady quilts with Gillian Travis.

When we got home, mum and I did some Gelli printing with new stamps from the show. I overprinted on my blue figures from the other day:

I especially love this triangular stamp, and the angular spiral, above.

I also added some print to existing sketchbook pages:

I particularly like this row of houses on what was before a bit of a featureless page:

I drew into them with inktense pencils.

This is mum’s printing, some lovely textures:

Lovely day!

Day 79

Today, I had a marvellous day at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show with my mum. I met the lovely Sally for the first time, as well as lots of guild friends, Katie Pirson, who I’ve known for years, and a colleague from work! It seems everyone was there!

I also took a great workshop with Cherrilyn Tyler, entitled Vintage Treasures. We used kantha stitch with lovely vintage fabrics, here are some in progress photos:





After the kantha stitching was done:

I just need to iron a quote onto the top, and I think it needs a button, too.

Very enjoyable, I really liked the kantha stitching.

Edited to add that I put the quote and button on:

Day 76

Last night, a friend lent me some of her lovely wooden printing blocks. I’m looking to purchase some at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show at the weekend, so this is a good opportunity to work out which ones I like.

Unfortunately, I left the interior light on in the car last night, so the battery was flat when I started it this morning. I called the AA out, and thought I’d try the stamps while I was waiting. Sadly standing around in your work frock is not the best time to get out the paint, so I tried some rubbings instead, adding colour to existing sketchbook pages.

I’m really pleased with the results, some lovely textured impressions. Here are some of my favourites:

This is lots of layers, neocolour 1 in white, then two colours of dye, metallic paint, and finally a neocolour rubbing on top:

A lovely border stamp in blue:

Great green swirls, working well with this rubbing from an Indian metal stamp of a dancer:

These are the stamps that I liked best, at least for rubbings:

More lovely rubbings. Sorry for the long post, WordPress has removed the ‘cut’ button from the app!

Day 75

Monday was a very long day, with work, tea with a friend, and a Guild committee meeting. I still hadn’t done my 15 minutes when I got home at gone 10pm, so I sat in bed colouring Sunday’s printed papers.

I thought this post had published then, but it hadn’t, and I didn’t want to miss a day, so here it is!

Day 74

Today I got up and did some Gelli printing, with my figures.

These are some of my favourites. I plan to overprint with some more details, probably in a purple Lumiere paint if I can pick some up at the NEC next weekend:




I also started a new sketchbook, a bit larger than my Khadi one, but still in a long thin landscape format:




Inspired by Sally, I also did some doodling/zentangling into the image manipulated pears from my sketchbook. These were the test print from yesterday, before I printed on fabric:



After, with Sakura metallic gelly roll pens and Sakura pigma micron pens. Apparently I love Sakura pens!


Looking to pick up a white pen next.

While I was printing, I printed some more of the ‘hoops’, hole reinforcers. I loved the paint pattern they left on my Gelli plate, with the drop cloth underneath, and so I took some photos and edited them.

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