Day 100

Today marks one hundred days of creativity – something every single day, even the long ones, the tiring ones, the ones which ended a couple of hundred miles from where I woke up. And it’s all thanks to Myfanwy Hart, who challenged me and other people on the Be Creative Facebook group to do this. I’ve tried so many new things, and just felt my creativity awaken, partly brought daily practice, and partly through learning from the right people.

Anyway, enough gushing! Today, I had a long day, on top of a couple of weeks of long days, so I made some time before work and did a collage in my sketchbook. Last night, after posting, the shape of one of the new woodblock stamps inspired me to cut these citrus fruit shapes from various papers. This morning, I arranged them and collaged them down, along with a few cut out ‘pips’ from the centres:



The background is some leftover pink and chartreuse paint from a roller a couple of weeks ago, with some swipes of yellow paint from a pallete knife, and a few faint stamped lemons.

I like it, and think it might work well in fabric, with some print and appliqué.

2 thoughts on “Day 100

  1. Hiya! Glad you like them. I cut the circles with a paper punch, then folded them in half then in thirds, then cut a little half pip shape out of the side of each segment.

    It’s late and I might not be making sense, so let me know if it’s not clear!

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