Day 105

Just a brief bit of machine stitching today. I laid out my printing from the weekend on some black felt, trimmed it to size and machined it down. I also stitched a couple of a rows of stitching across the middle to secure it, and added a couple of box and crosses as decorative features, on squares in the print:


I then pinned part of it to a new frame I got at Guild:


(Forgive the terrible curtains, please!)


Day 104

Today I continued stitching onto collages on canvas, adding stitch to this little diptych: 

As the canvases are so small there’s only about a 2cm wide gap across the back to stitch in, which made it a bit complicated!

All the stitching is in purple cotton Perle to unify them. I feel its really lifted the two canvases.


Day 103

After an interesting talk about Kyrgyzstan with my Embroiderers’ Guild, I decided to do some hand stitching on a collaged canvas that had been in the UFO box since January:



I also finished Bernadette’s travelling book page, which was swapped at the branch meeting, so I now have Margaret’s to work in.



Day 102

Today, I got up and did some printing with a roller, developing what I’d learned at the Art Van Go dayschool. I liked the colours I’d used on this piece, but wanted a much larger bit of fabric to work with:



I cut an A1 sized piece of black  cotton fabric, clipped it to my printing cloth, and set to printing in layers with my roller.

After the first (white) layer and second (turquoise) layer, with lots of masking tape added:


After the third (yellow) layer, moving some of the tape each time:  

After the final turquoise layer, with tape removed: 

And some close ups:



I love the textures and the way the layers interact. I also ended up with some nice masking tape:


When I’d finished printing, Simon and I went to Boscobel House and White Ladies Priory, I’ll share some photos I took there soon. 

Day 101

Today, I had an excellent day at the Embroiderers’ Guild national AGM. We enjoyed inspirational talks from Bobby Britnell and Jane E. Hall, a good and positive discussion about the future of the guild, and a chance to meet and catch up with fellow members.

After a brief trip home, Simon and I spent a great evening with friends, eating curry and playing board games.

When we got home at gone 10pm, I realised that I hadn’t done my 15 minutes, so I did some colouring in on some printed wooden spoon Gelli prints, for the current travelling book:



Day 100

Today marks one hundred days of creativity – something every single day, even the long ones, the tiring ones, the ones which ended a couple of hundred miles from where I woke up. And it’s all thanks to Myfanwy Hart, who challenged me and other people on the Be Creative Facebook group to do this. I’ve tried so many new things, and just felt my creativity awaken, partly brought daily practice, and partly through learning from the right people.

Anyway, enough gushing! Today, I had a long day, on top of a couple of weeks of long days, so I made some time before work and did a collage in my sketchbook. Last night, after posting, the shape of one of the new woodblock stamps inspired me to cut these citrus fruit shapes from various papers. This morning, I arranged them and collaged them down, along with a few cut out ‘pips’ from the centres:



The background is some leftover pink and chartreuse paint from a roller a couple of weeks ago, with some swipes of yellow paint from a pallete knife, and a few faint stamped lemons.

I like it, and think it might work well in fabric, with some print and appliqué.

Day 99

Today was another long day, with a round trip from Birmingham to Teeside for work, so I got home and tidy a simple printing task for my Embroiderers’ Guild branch. The other day I sorted our new woodblock stamps into three sets and did some rubbings. Today, I printed with each stamp on the drawstring bags for the sets, so that people know what is in them:

I also printed the leftover paint on each stamp onto some A4 paper, which went into the collage drawer:

And then did a bit of printing in my own sketchbook to use up the last of the paint:

The only bad thing about all this was this huge pile of washing up!