Day 120

Today, I got out one of the zigzag books that I’d dyed A month ago, and added more colour with koh-i-noor watercolours, just letting the translucent paint flow and over colour the dye underneath:

Here’s how they turned out:



The book reminded me of a landscape, so I grabbed my basket of collage scraps and started building up a scene:


I added some text on the back with gold gel pen, which says “On the first day of May, as the sun rose, we set off for the woods, to shed our winter coats and breathe the sweet spring air.” A bit of wishful thinking for mayday – I have a busy weekend ahead, though hopefully the weather will be kind, and allow us a trip to an English Heritage property on Bank Holiday Monday.

Here’s how the zigzag book looks standing up, rather nice!


When I was glueing the collage pieces down, I ended up with blue tinted gel medium on my scraper, as a lot of the dye was dissolving and moving in the gel, so I smeared the excess gel off on a sketchbook page, added some hearts punched from the same paper as the houses, above, and painted on some red dye for good measure. I love using up leftovers!


Any evening that ends with painty, messy hands is a good one in my book!



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