Day 140

Another long evening spent sorting Expo cloth spreadsheets, so tonight I did some image manipulation. I went through my photos, looking for ones which would make good masks. I feel like I’m getting a better eye for good candidates now.

This was the mask photo:


To this mask:



Which I combined with this photo of a Spanish sky:


To get this image:


Rather dynamic, almost feels like a quilt and some appliqué. I did it with triangles and some messing with colours.

And then this mask of pebbles between beach groynes:


With this rather uninspiring photo from an aeroplane window:


(They never come out as beautifully as the view!)

To this:


This one took a bit of work to get it to feel cohesive. I eventually took the mask off and then did a Glass effect over the whole thing, but a bit less opaque to allow the layers underneath to show through.

And lastly, a photo of carved faces in Alcoi, as part of the Moors and Christians festival:



With my favourite swoopy paint background, and some gentle messing with colours:


 All in all, a lot of fun,  


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