Day 137

Today ended up rather long, so I spent my 15 minutes of creativity further exploring icolorama. I decided to try to use some of my photographs as screens, rather than starting with images of my textile art.

I started trying to apply a range of screens to the same image, with a ‘glow’ effect:

 Palm fronds:  


Arch at White Ladies Priory, Shropshire:



And then I used these two masks together with an image of swoopy translucent paint. Very pleased with this.

Palm tree at Alicante Castle:


Statue on the battlements, Alicante Castle:


Day 136

Today I continued learning icolorama, focusing on making masks from my images, and using these to edit other images. Here are a few of my experiments.

































I love these! All the masks (except the lemon, which is a photo I took) are from my own artwork, and the start point for each image is my artwork too, so they feel really personal. 


Day 135

Another set of image manipulation, as today was spent cutting fabric for UK Games Expo, and sorting out our wardrobes – we got rid of two big ikea bags of clothes!

So, I started with this image from my sketchbook:


First step was Tone – Lomo:



Then Preset – Tritone:



Style – tensor:


It’s gone a bit squidgy, let’s get it out with Effects – Raise:


Adjust – Channels:


Form – Deforms:


Fun! Might have a go with another image manipulation app.

Day 134

A bit more late night image manipulation, I decided to take one image, and apply a range of transformations to it, saving after each one.

Starting image:


Effects – Glow: 


Effects – Chroma:


Form – Waves:

  Preset – Lineal:


Style – sketch:


 Form – Escher:



Form – Glass:



Adjust – Vibrance – gamma to max:


 Form – Tunnel:


 It’s interesting seeing the image change in stages, I especially like softening an obvious transformation like Escher with later steps. 

Day 131

Yesterday, I got some rubbing plates from Art Van Go, with 8 patterns in all:



I tried them out in my sketchbook, and they’re nice to add some background texture to an otherwise plain area, or to knock back a section which is too bold: