Day 130

Today was a long but good day, with work, meeting a friend and her 9 month old daughter for lunch, then introducing my Embroiderers’ Guild branch to travelling books, which went well, we now have 26 people signed up!

By the time I got home I was a bit tired, so I just experimented with a new image manipulation app which had been recommended to me – icolorama.

I took this image:


Modified the colours and added a lens flare in Aviary to get this:


And then played with lots of different form effects and brushes in icolorama to get all these beauties!













 I’m still very new to using this app, and don’t yet feel like I know precisely how I got these effects, but it was very   enjoyable. After this I started applying more than one effect to an image, and that has a lot of potential.  


As always, more experimentation needed!

Day 129

Slightly belated posting, as by the time I finished it was late. I did all the hand stitching on these two little citrus embroideries in the one day. It’s fabric I printed a few weeks ago, and each one is about 3″ wide by 5″ high.



Day 128

Today, I did a lot of sewing, however none of it was very creative! I’m helping with the UK Games Expo at the end of May, looking after all the cloth that the event needs. Today, I pinned 35 metres of white cotton fabric together and sewed it, rather a long task! I’ve still got another 16m or so to do in the week.

My creativity was a bit brief. I mounted yesterday’s embroidery in Margaret’s travelling book, and needed to finish the inspiration page to go with it. I copied the appropriate page from my sketchbook, but it came out a bit flat, so I added lots of colour and pattern with neocolour 1s: