Day 180

I added more seed beads to my printed sun today. I decided to go with every other ray to space it out a bit. I’m pleased with it:


I then discovered the mixer function in icolorama, and decided to try it on some of my previous edits. It seems to smoosh two images together:


Day 179

Last night I stayed with friends, so I woke up and had tasty breakfast and coffee, and then came home and packed boxes for the Big Move, then met friends in the park. We had our boardgame club’s annual picnic outing, playing such varied games as lemon jousting, boules, Kubb, and many variants of tag, along with hula hooping and blowing bubbles.

When I got home, I did some hand stitching, adding sequins to the unfinished tags from yesterday’s workshop:

I’m surprisingly pleased with how shiny the sun is. Next I may add a ring of seed needs on the rays around it. Not sure whether to do every one , or alternates – any suggestions?

Day 178

Today I spent a marvellous few hours at a Birmingham Embroiderers’ Guild Dayschool with the marvellous Angie Hughes, who was teaching us to make tantalising textile tag books. (I think she now calls it Indian Tag Books, but we booked it a while ago)

We brought along images which we collaged with scraps of beautiful fabrics and layers of stamping and stitch.

My images went along a whimsical transport-ish theme, with a ship, a man with a flying umbrella, hot air balloons and a moon.

 I got to use some  of my hand dyed fabrics for backgrounds. The pinky ones in the middle I snow dyed myself.


I got these two tags laid out, but I want to add some hand stitch and beads/sequins.

These are my finished tags.

All in all, it was a great day, and I’d totally recommend taking this workshop with Angie if you can. She’s so fun, and very generous and supportive with her knowledge.

Day 177

Today I went with some friends to Lowsonford, to see one of the statues in Anthony Gormley’s LAND exhibition.

I haven’t got my photos off the camera yet to share here, but it was a wonderful experience. The statue itself is of a normal height, very angular, and of a lovely rusted iron.

Image from, until I upload mine.
To me I loved the industrial, weathered nature of the metal, as a contrast to the gentle countryside and wild flowers of the surroundings. I also liked how he complemented the industrial past of the canal. We were lucky to see a boat go through the lock while we were there, and the way the statue is positioned, he looks down into the lock while boats travel through.

It was a lovely, peaceful but invigorating trip, rounded off nicely by pies and puds at the village pub.

I will upload and post my photographs soon.

Day 176

Another long day (it seems they all are lately!) so I did some image manipulation before bed.

I started with this image of some friendship bracelets as a mask, which I liked the strong lines in:

I then combined it with photos I’d taken of a canvas I painted. I did almost the same transformations to all three, trying to get a cohesive set of images. The transformations were Form – Glass, Form – Mirror and Preset – Lineal, which makes some great burnt, dry colours.


Day 172

We had a long day, with an early start at a car boot, trying to sell stuff before we moved. I managed to get the Gelli plate out in have afternoon, and printed these pages, with added neocolour:


The jugs make a reappearance:   

It feels good to be printing and working in my long sketchbook again.

I also rolled off some paint:


Day 171

A long, lovely day out at the West Midlands Regional Day.

I did a bit of shopping, picking up this yummy sari silk and silk carrier rods:

I also got three interesting inspiration packs from the lucky dip:

  I was tired in the evening, so  I did these braids:

Or at least I think it was these. The pile is getting rather big now!


I also did a quick bit of image manipulation, making these pictures for mine and my husband’s dad’s, for Fathers Day:

For my dad, who has pet budgies:   
And for Simon’s dad, who supports Hull City FC, the Tigers: