Day 177

Today I went with some friends to Lowsonford, to see one of the statues in Anthony Gormley’s LAND exhibition.

I haven’t got my photos off the camera yet to share here, but it was a wonderful experience. The statue itself is of a normal height, very angular, and of a lovely rusted iron.

Image from, until I upload mine.
To me I loved the industrial, weathered nature of the metal, as a contrast to the gentle countryside and wild flowers of the surroundings. I also liked how he complemented the industrial past of the canal. We were lucky to see a boat go through the lock while we were there, and the way the statue is positioned, he looks down into the lock while boats travel through.

It was a lovely, peaceful but invigorating trip, rounded off nicely by pies and puds at the village pub.

I will upload and post my photographs soon.

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