Day 173

A bit more braiding today; it seems that my colour schemes were inspired by my husband’s quilt, in orange and blues.


Day 172

We had a long day, with an early start at a car boot, trying to sell stuff before we moved. I managed to get the Gelli plate out in have afternoon, and printed these pages, with added neocolour:


The jugs make a reappearance:   

It feels good to be printing and working in my long sketchbook again.

I also rolled off some paint:


Day 171

A long, lovely day out at the West Midlands Regional Day.

I did a bit of shopping, picking up this yummy sari silk and silk carrier rods:

I also got three interesting inspiration packs from the lucky dip:

  I was tired in the evening, so  I did these braids:

Or at least I think it was these. The pile is getting rather big now!


I also did a quick bit of image manipulation, making these pictures for mine and my husband’s dad’s, for Fathers Day:

For my dad, who has pet budgies:   
And for Simon’s dad, who supports Hull City FC, the Tigers:


Day 170

Feeling better, I spent the evening working on this painting in stages, first adding drops of yellow and brown ink, which I let drip then wiped around. I didn’t take photos of the stages, so here are close ups:

Next, some red ink dropped on:

Then a wash of green lumiere as a glaze over the bottom right corner:

More red ink; I like the layered effect here: 

Then some white gesso with a circular sponge brush:


I like it , but it definitely needs a focal point, and maybe something to unify it more.


Day 167

I wanted to add some more layers to the mountain painting, so I decided to follow the instructions in the book and put a layer of white over the top. Big mistake! It knocked out all my lovely layers, so I wiped it off artistically smudged it, and added more lovely viridian blue green.


I feel that it needs a few more layers again.

I still had some green paint mixed up, so I grabbed a couple of small canvases, and added the buttery yellow background, then some more green hills.

I brushed the last of the paint off on another small canvas, to add interest behind something else.


A nice way to unwind before bed. 

Day 166

As well as a Monday at work, I went to a new board game evening, so today’s creativity was further image manipulation. I took Sunday’s painting, and used the close ip of the mountain range as the mask, to create further mountains in the background. This is how it came out: