Day 165

I have been doing my daily creativity, but struggling to find the time to post. I have decided to just post today’s, and try to fill in the gap going backwards.

Today, I picked up my wabi sabi painting book and decided to actually have a go. Wabi sabi has always appealed to me, as I love decayed, fading, cracked and rusty surfaces. I followed the first exercise in the book, painting a landscape on a canvas. 

(Complete with some boxes packed for moving in the background). 

My husband commented it looks more Lancashire than Japan, which I’m ok with! I added some copper highlights, and I’m going to knock it back with a bit of white tomorrow:


Day 164

On this day I did a braid for Lolly’s wedding, no picture, and some image manipulation. I tried using the same image as source and mask:


Made into a mask:

  With a painterly tweak or two:

  And a couple of messes with perspective that, to my mind, make it look like agate:


This one including a shape mask:


Day 163

I did a bit of an art journal page, following the first exercise in Journal Spilling, and didn’t take a photo as it wasn’t that pretty, but I did some stream of consciousness writing about the move, which helped me move from a state of worry to a more positive one. As a result of it I packed one box, containing all the art supplies I wanted to be able to use till I moved:



 It contains:

  •  A4 plain paper
  • Inktense pencils
  • A4 pink pig sketchbook
  • Part completed khadi long boy sketch book
  • 4 rubbing plates
  • Mini khadi zig zag books
  • Rubber brayer
  • 2 foam brayers
  • Matte medium
  • Gesso
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White cotton
  • Mini Gelli plate
  • Tags
  • Hole reinforcers
  • Fine liner pens
  • Baby wipes
  • Selection of stencils
  • Jug and iron man stamps
  • Selection of texture stamps
  • 1/2 inch Round hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Stack pallete of koh I noor watercolours
  • Tin of neocolour 1s
  • Masking tape
  • Double sided tape
  • Scrapers
  • 2 water pots
  • Selection of brushes, foam brushes and pipettes
  • Folder of misc collage papers
  • All my setacolour, lumiere and dye na flow paints
  • Books – Diana Trott’s Journal Spilling, Lynn Krawczyk’s Intentional Printing, and. Hilary Beattie’s The Gentleish Art of Gelliping

I’ve since added a pack of 6 tubes of liquitex paints and my Wabi Sabi book. I still need to add needles and thread, and a couple more canvases.

What would you keep out if you needed to get through a month to 6 weeks of daily creativity, with everything else in boxes.

Day 157

We had a great session at our Embroiderers’ Guild branch meeting tonight, learning all about buttons, with facts including:

– that all Whitby Jet came from monkey puzzle trees

– mother of pearl shells were carved into cutlery handles in  Sheffield, with the leftovers being sent to Birmingham to make buttons, and the leftovers from that process being put into the foundations of buildings in the city, including the Town Hall.

I also did three more braids for my friend’s wedding. 

Day 155

Today I spent a brief 15 minutes trying out traditional monoprinting (rather than Gelli plate printing), using a polypropylene print plate and black paint, then drawing on it to print the drawn lines with the paint.


I did some prints based on the shape of the Love In A Mist (Nigella) flowers which are blooming in my front garden at the moment, and some of my iron men.

I’m quite pleased with how they came out, I just need to learn to make sure the paint is damp enough – the more blobby ones were with dry paint. Overall I like the soft lines.