Day 206

A sleepy, relaxing day, but I downloaded a new app (FontCandy) which has quite a nice interface for adding text to photos. I added some text to some of my previously edited photos, which was fun.

I also knitted the first decrease row on my Clapotis, as well as paring down the wedding photos for upload.

Day 205

My husband and I spent the day at the wedding of two lovely friends. I fitted int he time to take some more arty photos, which I’ll add here soon – I’m focusing on getting the photos of the wedding uploaded at the moment, as I know how much I loved seeing all of our friends photos last year.

Day 204

I did a lot of knitting on the Clapotis today, the final 8 rows of the straight section. There have been a lot of photos of the scarf recently, so here is my little soft toy sheep, Charlie, wrapped up in it:

Only 82 rows to go!