Day 196

i was out auditing, got back late and did some unpacking, so another image manipulation, using the same mask as the day before, and this picture of a sky which my sister took:

To get this:

 I like how the texture of the fabric from the embroidery comes out in the mask.

Day 194

On Monday, I took a lot of rubbish to the tip, we did the final unload of the van, having been too tired to do it the night before, and generally got things sorted.

The third and last (at the moment) dinosaur colouring page:


Day 193

Sunday was another long day, collecting the last bits from the other house. It was probably more tiring than the previous day, as it was just Simon, Dad and I, and everything was more bitty.

More dinosaur colouring in:


Day 192

I’m writing these next few posts after the fact, catching up. Saturday was our moving day, a long, hard day with lots of lifting and carrying, helped by lots of friends.

My brother in law had got us the Dinosaurs with Jobs colouring in book, and seeing as colouring in seems to be a focus of creativity recently, I did some colouring in for the next few days – I didn,t have the time or energy for anything more active!

So, day 1 of dinosaur colouring:


Day 191

It’s the last day before the move. I spent the morning washing up, doing laundry, and packing, then my dad arrived, and the packing continued. We took stuff to the new house, then went out with my husband for tea. He did more sorting, while I knitted about 6 rows. 

The yarn is a lovely mohair like fibre, but not itchy. It’s mostly burgundy, eg with patches of rainbow colours, leading to areas like this:
I only have a bit of yarn left, so I may start the frill soon. I need to do about 6 rows, increasing every stitch, so I am playing a guessing game with how much more of the scarf I can knit.


Day 190

We’re so close to the move now (Saturday is the big day) that even my box of last art materials has been packed, labelled that it should be put on my desk, so I can get it out first. My craft room is totally packed; I’ve even taped the ironing board shut so it doesn’t keep falling open while being loaded.

All this meant that I only had time for more knitting, and this quick image manipulation of Gormley’s LAND sculpture:




Day 189

today, I enjoyed packing a lot of the art work from our walls. Looking forward to getting my creations back on the walls of my house.

I also did some more knitting on the nearly forgotten scarf, three more rows. No photo as I can’t really take one which shows progress!

Because a post with no picture won’t really do, here’s the knitting, messed with in IColorama:


Day 187

Today I did a bit of hand stitching for a guild travelling book for a friend.

I already had the centre cluster of French knots made, so I added straight stitches and more knots:

It was supposed to be pistil stitches, but I couldn’t get them to look nice, so I did the stitches separately.

It’s inspired by this flower from the pub at Lowsonford: