Day 199

I rediscovered another unfinished knitting project while moving, Clapotis by Knitty. I knitted a couple more rows:

The yarn is a beautiful Manos del Uruguay silk. I really want to be able to wear it, so I guess I’ll need to keep on knitting!

Day 198

Today I worked into the ideas from yesterday’s sketch, simplifying the shapes and colours. I drew random polyhedral shapes, and then used various colours of pastels for raised and receding areas. I especially love the contrast of the blue areas.

And then I couldn’t resist messing in iColorama:


Day 197

I got the pastels out today, and did a bit of a sketch, based on a picture I took of the LAND Gormley sculpture at Lowsonford.

I love the shimmering metallic colours and contrasts of colours here, as well as all the different planes.

My sketch: 

Day 196

i was out auditing, got back late and did some unpacking, so another image manipulation, using the same mask as the day before, and this picture of a sky which my sister took:

To get this:

 I like how the texture of the fabric from the embroidery comes out in the mask.

Day 194

On Monday, I took a lot of rubbish to the tip, we did the final unload of the van, having been too tired to do it the night before, and generally got things sorted.

The third and last (at the moment) dinosaur colouring page:


Day 193

Sunday was another long day, collecting the last bits from the other house. It was probably more tiring than the previous day, as it was just Simon, Dad and I, and everything was more bitty.

More dinosaur colouring in: