Days 224 and 225

We have spent the past couple of days doing more house sorting, mostly putting up shelves.

I also did more knitting on the current scarf, which is a pattern called ‘Cloud’:

  We also went to Love Is Enough at BMAG, their William Morris and Andy Warhol exhibition. It was really interesting, with a lot of interesting parallels between the two artists. I especially loved the very long run of Morris wallpaper, being built up in stages, and it was wonderful to see how the design developed. I found the Morris printing blocks very exciting:

A print block for Morris’s Acanthus design, the third and final stage, with metal strips forming the fine lines on the prints. The two earlier layers were built up with wooden blocks, reducing in size each time. The blocks still had some paint from printing left on them, and were displayed with a drawing of the Acanthus design, in a room full of Acanthus wallpaper, wonderful!

William Morris sketch for Acanthus.

I want to bring some layered printing into my own work, with overprinting of subsequent layers. Something to experiment with in the coming weeks.

Day 233

A great day meeting up with Tina, Clare and Margaret to talk about our progress so far on work inspired by LAND. We shared what we had been up to, and it seems we’re all thinking about something including textures and layers.

I started cutting this foam stamp at lunch, another figure, with shapes cut out to make a more interesting inside:


Day 232

I did some more work on the LAND inspired pieces today. I want to work more into it, so I cut this stamp, ready to be mounted:

Hopefully I’ll get the time to print into it at the weekend. I’m contemplating cutting more polyhedral shapes out of it to break the stamp up a bit, but I might do that to a second stamp instead of this one.

I also traced over the main lines on two layers of acetate for this image.

The top layer is just the large leaves in the foreground, and the berry like shapes in the background:

The back layer is the figure and the main part of the leaves:

I think this has been helpful to help me understand the shape and layers of the elements of the image.

Day 226

I have been slowly unpacking the craft room, and decided to do some drawing following on from the trip to see LAND. I love these two photos, looking through vegetation to the statue:

I did some sketches, experimenting with different drawing materials.

Charcoal, held by the very end:

Acrylic inks with a dip pen:

The same inks, with a wide brush:

I had lots of inks left, so I painted an irregular pattern, like the shapes on the statue: