Day 227

More work on the Clapotis. Nearly there!

Day 226

I have been slowly unpacking the craft room, and decided to do some drawing following on from the trip to see LAND. I love these two photos, looking through vegetation to the statue:

I did some sketches, experimenting with different drawing materials.

Charcoal, held by the very end:

Acrylic inks with a dip pen:

The same inks, with a wide brush:

I had lots of inks left, so I painted an irregular pattern, like the shapes on the statue:  

Days 223 & 224

Just more knitting on the Clapotis, 2 rows last night and 3 rows tonight. One of tonight’s rows was a row 8, which is my favourite in the repeat, as it’s the one where you drop a stitch and let it ladder to form the pattern. Great fun to be able to drop stitches and see them unravel. Also, as I’m on the decrease rows, I get to drop two stitches per row 8, even more fun!

Day 222

Today, I got my printer on the WiFi, so I was able to print to it directly from my tablet. I printed an image that I’d previously converted to black and white, and then traced over the main lines with permanent pen on acetate.

I took some copies and played around with them, reducing and overlaying them. This one has the figure facing both left and right – I think it looks a bit like a knight:

Some more experiments:

And then a bit of image manipulation using the figures as a mask:


A walk up the hill

We have recently moved to a lovely house on the side of a steep hill, with a lovely nature reserve at the top. We went for a walk up to the top after breakfast, and I took my camera with me.

I’m terrible at plant identification, so forgive me if I get any of these wrong!

Rosehips by the gate.

Wild roses

I love the patterns of the metalwork on this gate.

Views over the Black Country.

Lovely old style (but modern) lampposts, which remind me of Narnia.


An interesting spiky red plant.


A lovely meadow


A beautiful desire line


Thorny branches.


Lovely daisies

Lots of grasses

Beautiful sky

All in all, a very special part of the world.

Day 221

Lots more knitting for days 215-220, more decrease rows.

Today, I got an interesting new book at the Festival of Quilts, chock full of easily explained and interesting exercises for exploring shape and design:

Finding Your Own Visual Language by Jane Dunnewold, Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan.

They had the suggestion of putting photos into black and white before using them, to emphasise line, so I put this photo from the trip to Lowsonford into B&W:

And did this sketch of it:

I enjoyed exploring different pencil marks, especially using the side of a 6B pencil for the planes of the figure.

I think this needs further development in print and stitch.