Day 270

A lovely long session playing in the sketchbook today, really exploring the gelatos:


The stamps were a crafty treat, £4 from Tiger, and I love the name:

 They’ve rapidly become standard kit, along with the Neocolour 2s in the silver tin, and the new gelatos, which need a case of their own.

Day 268

A very busy day at work, with the Macmillan Coffee Morning. We raised enough money to fund a Macmillan nurse for 4 hours.

I also did a bit of colouring in the evening, with gelatos on plain paper prints:


Day 267

Another night spent baking, these sexy lemon bars from a recipe I got from a LiveJournal community, back in the days when people used LJ:

I did a bit of colouring with the new gelatos on some prints that I’d made at the weekend, mostly the copier paper ones:


Day 266

Once again, I’m playing catch up on the blog posts, hence the back dated post. I spent most of the evening baking these two lovely chocolate cakes for our Macmillan Coffee Morning at work on Friday:

I also did a bit of image manipulation, playing with new textures in the updated version of iColorama: