Day 266

Once again, I’m playing catch up on the blog posts, hence the back dated post. I spent most of the evening baking these two lovely chocolate cakes for our Macmillan Coffee Morning at work on Friday:

I also did a bit of image manipulation, playing with new textures in the updated version of iColorama:


Day 263

I realised that I wanted some square areas with the figure on, so I did more printing, with the plate masked to a square again:

Lokta paper takes print wonderfully:

I loved the pattern in this pool of lumiere paint:  

There’s nothing like a messy desk:

And a big pile of used stamps:


Day 261

Another exploration with gelatos, seeing what they can do. This is blended with water – they really come into their own once they are blended. I like the bit where you can still see the original texture of the drawn on marks below, especially in the red bits:

Partially blended:  
Fully blended:

And for fun, through the side of my dimpled water glass: