Day 259

I got a pack of gelatos today, Faber Castell oil pastels in tubes with lids. I had a quick play with them, just applied dry to paper:

They go on very smoothly, and are indeed creamy. The colours are nice.

I then had a go at blending them dry with my finger:

The colours blend quite well, though I did find that the thicker layer ‘pilled’ slightly, rubbing off little rolled pieces of pastel.

I’m looking forward to using them further and trying them combined with other materials.

Day 258

A bit more knitting. I’m working on a panta, a wooly headband from a Finnish pattern. I own a few already (but none in purple) and wear them all autumn, winter and into spring.


Day 257

I’ve been feeling a bit waylaid with the daily creativity since the move. While I’ve done something every day, it has not necessarily been very purposeful. I think the house is now at the point where I can begin to get back into some more focused work.

I’ve enjoyed mark making with different substances recently, and trying to hold implements in different ways to see what marks I could get. Today, I did these simple line drawings of Gormley’s LAND, trying to get the shape and perspective right.

I’m happy with these. I want to do more, in a larger format, and with different mediums.

I also drew this quick flower, I love the simple shapes of the head:


All the knitting!

I’ve started work on Christmas presents, and this is the first one finished. It’s a Kate from Knitty, for a friend’s child. I’m not going to say who as they may be reading!

When I was sewing the arms on, I got the second arm on at the wrong angle, with hilarious results until I unpicked and re-did it: