Days 301 & 302

My family have been staying with us for the past couple of days, so we’ve been very busy with board games, picking apples, trips to the park, and swimming. I’ve done some knitting in the evenings, knitting 20 more rounds of the minion hat:

All the yellow has been done today and yesterday. The blue is the knitting from day 299, as well as yesterday, when I did the last 4 rounds.

Next, I’ll knit the black stripe for the goggle band. I also wound some of my lovely new Cascade 220 yarn into balls, as it arrives in skeins. I wound the pink, white and tan ones, 600m of yarn!

Cascade 220 is my favourite yarn to knit kids toys with. It is hard wearing but still soft enough to cuddle, washes well, is easy to knit with, and comes in a huge range of colours.

Day 300

I did some more playing with gelatos in my sketchbook today. First this figure, applying the gelatos directly to the page inside a stencil, then smudging with a finger:

 I then added these 4 figures to the facing page. The outer two are leftover gelatos on my fingertip, and the brighter two are the same as above:

The pink patterns on the edges of the page were added a while ago.

Next, I worked on this page, which again already had some pink dye splashed on it. I added another figure, this  time blending 4 colours inside the stencil, and then wetting them with a paintbrush:


Day 298

A bit of sketchbook work tonight. First I collaged a previously stamped word onto this page, along with the torn orange/blue squares, and also some details with Neocolour 2s:

I then added some figures all in white over some densely printed areas.

I don’t know how well they show up in the photos, but I think they add something.

Day 297

I dug out a skein of white yarn today, with which to make some Minecraft sheep for my nieces for Christmas. I discovered part way through winding it that it has (probably) been moth nibbled! I had a go at crocheting with it, but it was too breakable:

The balls of yarn, as I made a new one with each break, and an aborted attempt at crocheting.

I ordered some new yarn, and now need to sort, freeze and repack all my stash.

Day 296

A busy day today, I gave blood (pint 21), picked my mum in law up from the coach station on the far side of Brum, and our new bed was delivered.

I spent a relaxing 15 minutes in the evening making a new spread in my sketchbook, collaging in a spare figure from my printing:

It’s Neocolour 2 on the background, the top one is chalk pastel, with a collaged edge on the right, and the bottom one is a collaged figure (printed with Lumiere paints), with a chalk pastel outline.

The pages still need more development, but I like leaving something for another day.

Day 295

Whilst I didn’t make anything per se, I did have a very creative evening. Tina, Margaret, Clare and I had a Polyhedra meeting, talking about our progress so far towards our work inspired by Gormley’s LAND sculpture at Lowsonford.

We all talked about what we had made so far, and the conversation helped me to change some of my ideas, hopefully towards a better finished piece. Instead of cutting and swapping the middles, I am just going to offset each piece, possibly by a different amount. I need to do some experimentation to work out what I am doing about a background, but I think I am going to bondaweb the pieces onto black cotton or felt.

Day 292

I started working on the piece for Polyhedra which I’d done the printing for weeks ago.

I got out the large canvas which had lain intimidatingly in a cupboard for a couple of years, and did some maths about how many prints I could fit on the canvas:
And then set about cutting my prints down to size:

I’m going to cut the figures out of each one, and swap them around, before ironing them onto Vilene interfacing, and adding stitch.