Day 286

I worked some more on the multi layer painting of Puzzlewood today, colouring two more layers:

That’s my lovely Koh-I-Noor flat palette. It fits in one side of my pencil case, so is very portable, and has great intense colours. I had to make the coloured paper sheet for the lid, because the purple looks green in the palette, so I kept getting violet trees!

Days 284 and 285

I focused on knitting on Monday and Tuesday, as these were busy days with Embroiderers’ Guild and generally feeling very sleepy. I knitted the last bit on my panta, then sewed it together:

It is a good length, and wide enough to keep the tops of my ears warm without wiggling out of the way.

Day 283

Today we went on the Dean Forest Railway, and as well as taking several photos of steam trains and lovely old signs, I did this drawing from the train of the station platform:

I need to get (much) better at people, but I still enjoyed doing it.

Day 282

We headed in to Puzzlewood at dawn, before anyone also was in the wood, and made our way to one of the lookouts, to watch the trees change with the light. As we were staying at a cottage on site, we were able to go into the wood before the public were allowed in. It’s a magical place, full of old gnarly trees, mosses, bracken and fungi. I took many photos, which I will share soon.

I did a 4 layered drawing from the lookout, intending to cut away each layer so it reveals as pages of my sketchbook are turned. I only got time to paint the back page, so I have a project for a few evenings to finish this:


Here’s a photo my husband took, of me painting in the wood:


Day 281

A wonderful day at the Sculpture Trail in the Forest of Dean, and I will share more photos from it soon. For now, here is a painting I did of a tree in the forest, part of a sculpture word ‘Silence’ in various languages on metal plates on the tree, encouraging you to sit and be still for a while: