A day of printing

On the Monday after the stitch retreat, I had the day off work, so that I could carry on making. I decided to do some printing, as I had realised that I was very short of background papers.

My work table, all set up and ready to go:

Midway through printing. I’ve suspended a camping washing line above the table, and it is really useful for drying prints.

I was making black and white prints with stencils and stamps, to provide contrast as I mentioned in my last post. I discovered that you can get some lovely off prints if you place a piece of paper over the painty stencil and roll firmly with a hard brayer, it really brings out the lines on the stencil, often far more finely than I would expect.

My print table surface is a flip chart pad, which means I get these lovely happenstance prints to use in collage.

The finished stack of black and white papers; they should keep me going for a while.

After that, I went on to do a similar amount of printing for backgrounds in pink and blue, to overdye.

I’m really looking forward to having volumes of backgrounds to select from when working, rather than having to go with just a few as that is all I printed. It was also very quick to print up about 300 sheets.

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