Free Machine Practice

My last piece of free machining wasn’t as fluid as I had hoped, so I decided I needed to make some practice pieces. Taking inspiration from the stitch retreat, I created this piece, with a background of half-square triangles:

The purple strip at the bottom is from the first quilt I made. It is 10 inches high by 8 inches wide, and as it has an inch or more of solid purple it meets the requirements for the Contemporary Quilt Groups Journal Quilt project. I am not a member of the Quilters’ Guild, but I wanted a monthly challenge, and my friend Judith does this one, so I decided to play along!

I have started the machining, with some wiggles along the bottom, inspired by Leah Day’s Etch’n’Sketch pattern.

I wanted to practice my pebbling too, so I watched Leah Day’s pebbling video, and then had a go. I am pleased with it for a first attempt, it is a pattern I enjoy when doodling, but had never succeded to make anything more than a messy scribble before now.

About 45 minutes of machining. It is quite time consuming, but very enjoyable. I am getting better at relaxing, moving my hands slowly and travelling neatly over my previous stitches. I love how repeatedly going round one circle really lifts it.

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