A new sketchbook

I really enjoy working in a very long and thin landscape format, hence all my favourite sketchbooks being this shape. I decided to try to push myself a bit, and start work in a square book.

I have another lovely khadi sketchbook, this time a soft back book about 20cm square.

Last night, I made this collage, the orange page was the first page in the book.

The orange page is a bit narrower than it started out, as I tried to punch a hole in it, but it gummed up my circle punch. Luckily, my husband was on hand to de-gum it, with the suggestion that I avoid punching through khadi paper in future!

 This is under the tag on the left:

And under the tip in on the right:

And tonight, after quite a tiring day at work, I turned three printed lemons into this collage page, with quite a bit of use of gelato silhouettes, some other papers, a bit of colouring with the Pablo pencils and some Neocolour 1s:

Rather enjoyable, and a good way to relax on a weekday evening.


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