Playing with Rollagraphs

I got a Rollagraph and 4 pattern wheels from Hilary Beattie’s shop recently, and had a chance this evening to try them out. 

L to R: Floral Blocks, Jumbo Weave, Alphabet B, Happy Hands (in handle).

They are basically big rolling stamps which you snap into a handle, and they are a great way to make quick patterns and layers.

I decided to overprint some of the fabrics and papers I had Gelli printed the other day, adding more layers of colour before I add dye.


A page of happy hands on the left, and a stripe of Alphabet in orange, over some plain roller printing. I found that the paint on the pallete needed to be rolled out flat first, so as not to clog the detail on the stamp. This left me with paint on my brayer, so I rolled this gently on various papers, to add another texture.

Rolling in a curve was fun!

The rolling was also useful to go over the white bits at the edges of my Gelli printed pages – as my Gelli plate is less than A4 sized, I always get white margins, and this will add another layer under dye. 

Lovely and mucky!

I also rolled a row of each pattern onto the front of my softback Khadi sketchbook.

And they have added another layer to my exciting print table paper!

All in all, a fun and exciting tool, a quick and easy way to add another layer, and quick to clean too – I just washed them in the sink with warm water and an old washing up brush.

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