It’s amazing what five minutes can lead to…

This Sunday just gone I went on a dayschool with friends from Birmingham Embroiderers’ Guild, with Cas Holmes.

It was an interesting, and challenging day, which started with some drawing in the garden. We then swapped sketchbooks, and worked on other people’s drawings for a bit.

Our sketchbooks laid out for discussion

We also stained and coloured pages, which I enjoyed as I am confident doing it from my current sketchbooks practice. This time, I used my inktense bars, and was very pleased with the lovely colours I got. I also enjoyed rolling the wet bars over the pages, which led to these lovely broken grids:

I then took an isolated section of the morning’s drawing, and made a collage based on it:

And added back in the drawings from earlier, extending the page and adding both hand and machine stitch.

Overall it was a challenging but enjoyable day, which pushed me out of my comfort zone, but in a positive way. In the future, I want to do more sketching, and incorporate more stitch in sketchbooks. 

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