Tidying and unpacking

Over the past few days, my husband and I have been tidying up my room, which had condensed down to a rather small space, piled high with boxes brought back from workshops, and compounded by some boxes not being unpacked from when we moved in a year ago.No before photo, because I forgot to take one, but this is after:

Shelves immediately facing the door now contain smaller boxes, including hand embroidery threads, and my soda soaked fabrics.

 This is my main fabric storage shelves, which still need a bit of a tidy to rationalise them down to a manageable level, but they are useable now.

The bookcase got a tidy, sorting it out to just the books I am referring to regularly at the moment. The box in front of it is all my sets of materials. I need to get some large popper folders, and then sort them out much more neatly, but at least they are in one pace and not in heaps getting damaged. The magazine files contain inspiration for current projects, so I have somewhere to put ephemera, photos and related items.

The desk got a tidy. It still needs more work, especially if it is to be useful as a desk, rather than a storage place for the big printer, but it is in a better state. I got a plastic drawer unit for all the speciality papers, which makes them much easier to find.

My big, beautiful desk. Not much change here, just that the roll storage area on the right is more full (another area to sort soon). My small table is butted up against the desk as I am free machining a large wall quilt at the moment, so it means the desk can take the weight of the quilt.

My main shelves. Another area which is working well, I just need to sort the paints out and get space on the shelf for the trays of pots of dye. The bottom shelves under here now contain free machining kit, and the massive and very full box of white cotton, so I have no excuse for not printing on fabric!

The second set of shelves. These still need a sort out, but I can now get to all my scraps boxes (the coloured cubes).

And back over to the door. Behind it there is a useful area for storing canvases, large pieces of foam board for mounting, the iron, and the blue step.

So there you go, a tour of my room. It feels massive and very useable now. Something to remember when I have (inevitably) messed it up in a few months time.

I also sorted my machine threads into better zip lock bags which actually close. Can you tell which I like more, purple or yellow?!

And as part of tidying up, I found both the barrier cream and roller heads I thought I had lost, so I bought more. Oh well, at least they keep, and now I have plenty!

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