Free machining and blocking

I’ve been working on the background of the coffee quilt, getting it all quilted before I put the focal points on.

Fitting in a bit of stitching in the mornings, and a good few hours on Wednesday and today, I’ve now got all the background quilting done:

I had a few problems with my machine, despite cleaning it regularly, there were still some lint buildups, and it started making a birds’ nest in the bobbin case, so I left it for a day and then re-cleaned it, and luckily it worked fine again:

The all over quilting is a checkerboard pattern of alternating squares of coffee beans and wiggly basket weave grids:

It is easier to see on this photo of the back of the quilt:

Some of the stitching is quite dense, so the piece needs blocking. You can see how distorted the middle section is here:

Here it is, all pinned out on my blocking board:

I’m looking forward to getting it off and stitching the focal points next.

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