Bumble Hole Mini-Quilt

I’m excitedly looking forward to picking my sewing machine up today; it has been serviced, the bobbin case has been replaced, and I have ordered a pack of new Janome bobbins. The non-Janome ones look so alike, but I suspect a non-Janome one was causing my problems.

So in my excitement, I have decided to spend some time this morning composing another small quilt, using the fabrics a I printed up on Bumble Hole. I only had a few fabrics printed, so I was struggling for choices, whereas I print in volume on paper, so I find the composition so much easier. I need to remember to print on fabric in the same volumes as I print on paper; I don’t really know why I don’t do it – I have a whole box of plain fabric to print on, which is now immediately by my print table. I do not have much which is ready for overdyeing (the way I work means that my fabric needs to be soaked in a soda ash solution), and that may be part of it.

So, this is the composition I have laid out:

I need to work out which bridge print I prefer for the top, as well as generally if I am satisfied with it.

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