Sorting the Dye Pots

I spent a few minutes sorting out my procion dyes this evening. They used to live in two boxes on a high shelf, then as I used them more, the boxes didn’t get put away, so just got in the way.

This evening, I moved some low quality paint that I don’t use often up to the top shelf, and sorted my dyes into trays by colour palette, with the pots of powder in the same tray to make mixing easier.

 This let me see which dyes I needed to mix a fresh batch of – apparently I love turquoise, orange and coral sand. Ice blue and old gold are new additions after the Hilary Beattie retreat in July.

And this is the dye trays, labelled, in pride of place next to my paints. I have a couple of spare trays, and I am hoping to learn more dye techniques on our Embroiderers’ Guild branch workshop with Edwina Mackinnon in November. The only problem I have now is that I have run out of pots.

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