Fabric Dyeing with Edwina Mackinnon – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I had an excellent day dyeing fabrics with Birmingham Embroiderers’ Guild. Edwina Mackinnon led the workshop, teaching us how to achieve lovely effects with procion dyes. This post has the finished fabrics.

We started by dyeing a colour spectrum. As this post was likely to be very pic heavy, I created some slideshows instead:

Most of the techniques involved mixing dyes in various proportions in sequential bags, and adding fabrics scrumpled to get these lovely patterns.

The next set of fabrics I dyed was with complimentary colours, on a scale from fuchsia to green:

My favourite technique was this colour family dyeing one, where we added one colour of dye, allowed it to fix for a while, then rearranged the fabric, and poured a second colour in. This took in different places, so produced lovely crystal-like patterns:

We also did some folds to use up leftover dyes.
Folded into a square and dipped in dyes:

Folded into a long thin concertina, rolled up into a pinwheel, and then dipped in one colour of dye, with others poured on top.

Randomly scrumpled, dipped in one colour with another poured on top.

The last piece I did was plow dyeing, tightly pleating fabrics to get these strong patterns.

It was excellent fun, and I love the fabrics I made.