Hand Stitching the Bumble Hole Mini Quilt

When I last posted about this quilt, I had finished the quilting, and planned where to put the focal point.

I’ve spent some time over the past couple of days adding hand stitching, with simple stitches to bring out the focal points:


I’ve added herringbone stitch, buttonhole wheels, and some straight stitch and couching:

Frantic Printing and Dyeing

I’m spending Saturday and Sunday with Hilary Beattie, helping her with her gallery stand at the Knitting and Stitching show. It’s likely that we’ll spend the quieter times colouring in our sketchbooks. There’s only one problem; I have not printed anything in so long, that I have coloured pretty much everything I had printed. Cue some frantic printing tonight. I found some jug stencils I had cut but not used yet, so now I have some lovely jug pages. I didn’t get any photos of them because I was working really quickly to fit the printing in before my husband dished up our tea.

The coffee pots made an appearance too.

After dinner I sploshed some dye around, and got quite a few hopefully gorgeous pages ready to go. As I set off at just gone 6 tomorrow morning, the books are all propped open and drying, I hope they will be dry in time!

I also printed another page in an altered board book I am working on, including some prints with my 4″ round Gelli plate, which is utterly yumbo! I think the dye on his page looks like a friendly monster waving… can anyone say “Rorschach test”?

Anyway, time for sleep, as my train leaves in 8.5 hours…

Bumble Hole Mini Quilt

I have put together a (mostly) textile collage, with fabrics I printed based on Bumble Hole nature reserve. Here it is as a I put it together layer by layer:

The crackle print and butterflies are printed on deli paper, they add a lovely contrast to knock back the main colours.

I didn’t bond the main focal point images of Cobb’s Engine house down, as I prefer to do the background quilting without needing to work round the focal points.
These are the threads I used to quilt it; the yellow is a lovely King Tut, and the other two are Madeira:

Here’s the quilting I did, all in one day! The zigzags are done with the foot on, the rest was free-motion stitched.

I’m pleased with the quilting, my travelling stitches are getting better.

I had to dye one of the background pieces to go along with the collage, as I didn’t have enough comparatively plain fabrics:

I put my sketchbook with Bumble Hole images in it under the fabric while it was drying, and also pressed the wet roll of fabric on the page, so a I got these lovely serendipitous spirals and drips:

Sorting the Dye Pots

I spent a few minutes sorting out my procion dyes this evening. They used to live in two boxes on a high shelf, then as I used them more, the boxes didn’t get put away, so just got in the way.

This evening, I moved some low quality paint that I don’t use often up to the top shelf, and sorted my dyes into trays by colour palette, with the pots of powder in the same tray to make mixing easier.

 This let me see which dyes I needed to mix a fresh batch of – apparently I love turquoise, orange and coral sand. Ice blue and old gold are new additions after the Hilary Beattie retreat in July.

And this is the dye trays, labelled, in pride of place next to my paints. I have a couple of spare trays, and I am hoping to learn more dye techniques on our Embroiderers’ Guild branch workshop with Edwina Mackinnon in November. The only problem I have now is that I have run out of pots.

Moka Pots – Quilting the Focal Points

I got my sewing machine back from repair today, and it is much better. I finished machine quilting the focal points, and I’m pleased with it so far:

This is the piece so far. The black strips are sealing the edges of the velvet, to stop it fraying. I like it, but I will need to,include black in the hand stitching, bring the hand stitching over the edges, and go for a monochromatic border to balance it up.