Day 268

A very busy day at work, with the Macmillan Coffee Morning. We raised enough money to fund a Macmillan nurse for 4 hours.

I also did a bit of colouring in the evening, with gelatos on plain paper prints:


Day 267

Another night spent baking, these sexy lemon bars from a recipe I got from a LiveJournal community, back in the days when people used LJ:

I did a bit of colouring with the new gelatos on some prints that I’d made at the weekend, mostly the copier paper ones:


Day 194

On Monday, I took a lot of rubbish to the tip, we did the final unload of the van, having been too tired to do it the night before, and generally got things sorted.

The third and last (at the moment) dinosaur colouring page:


Day 193

Sunday was another long day, collecting the last bits from the other house. It was probably more tiring than the previous day, as it was just Simon, Dad and I, and everything was more bitty.

More dinosaur colouring in:


Day 192

I’m writing these next few posts after the fact, catching up. Saturday was our moving day, a long, hard day with lots of lifting and carrying, helped by lots of friends.

My brother in law had got us the Dinosaurs with Jobs colouring in book, and seeing as colouring in seems to be a focus of creativity recently, I did some colouring in for the next few days – I didn,t have the time or energy for anything more active!

So, day 1 of dinosaur colouring: