Day 73

Today I printed some of my image manipulations onto fabric, with my lovely printer:

It pops the output tray out just before printing…


…and pulls it back in again when it powers off!

The print:


I also primed my stamps with gesso, so they are now ready to use:


I had read an article in this month’s Workshop on the Web about ‘Long Diaries’, incorporating holiday photos. I ran through photos from our honeymoon in Barcelona, and selected these to include.

Day 39, continued

I needed to photocopy my sketchbook inspiration for my travelling book, so I used my new printer, an Epsom colour photo printer.

It’s lovely! The lid is hinged to accommodate larger items on the flatbed and it does gorgeous copies that even pick up the texture of my Khadi paper.

This is the copy:


And this is the original:


It’s best if I blank out any unused areas of glass with a piece of paper, to save wasting ink on grey areas from light spilling in. Next time I might try packing the leftover area with a bit of foam board, or another image to print.

The printer also has a colouring book mode, which prints an outline of the image on the glass onto plain paper.

This has potential:


It seems to work best with lighter images; this is the same page as above, and the bits that haven’t printed well are very heavy with dye. Could be an interesting thing to do with some pages that are a bit too light for my tastes.

Other things I love about it are that it has a touchscreen, the display lifts up, the on screen help is useful, it has a back loading paper path for fabric, AND the output tray whirs out and then slides away when you are not using it!